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Legal Awareness

India is the largest democracy in the world. The Constitution of our country guarantees absolute equality to all its citizens regardless of caste, creed, community and religion. India has accepted a ‘welfare state’ and hence it has to work for the welfare of the general public. It is the function of the State to establish a just social order by enacting just laws and by providing equal opportunity to all to grow. Around 70 % of India is population live in rural areas who are illiterate and are not aware of the rights. Even the literate also are not fully aware of the rights as enshrined in our Constitution.
Therefore, dissemination of information on the Rule of law, other laws enacted by the Legislature and various schemes of the Government is in need of the hour. Thus taking this task and ensuring justice for all, Legal awareness programs were held from time to time and promoting legal empowerment of the society. Unless the people are aware of their rights, they cannot live in consonance with the firm dictates of democracy and rule of law.